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Digital Scrapbooking

I love digital scrapbooking! Above is a selection of my work, some old, some new. Some done with heritage photos, some with David’s pictures hot from the cameras. I’m writing this page so you can find out more about this satisfying hobby and maybe even try it out yourself.

When I was a kid, I was always doing crafts. I had tons of art supplies and usually they were right where I could get at them. Of course, Mom saw that differently–my “convenience” was her “clutter.” Well, one of the things I love most about scrapping digitally is that there’s no mess. You need very little to get started: a photo, some digital supplies, and a graphics program. No glitter all over the floor, or glue on your sweater. No need for 12 pairs of special scissors and two special cutters. Then there’s the cost. I tried scrapping the traditional way before taking up digital. It’s expensive! Those cute little sticker-things add up as do every other kind of page embellishment. In addition to there being digital scrapbooking supplies available for free, an expensive digital kit costs $7.00 and you can reuse it until you’re out of ideas or simply tired of it. Plus, it’s really easy to share digital artwork, much easier than photographing or scanning your paper scrapbooks.

My Tutorials

If you’d like to try to learn, and know nothing of using a graphics program, I have written three beginning tutorials for Photoshop Elements. The version I used is out of date now, but these are so basic that everything is still valid. If you’d like to learn and you already know how to use a graphics program, then grab a freebie (next section) and a digital image and play around!

Here are my “Digiscrapping 101 Tutorials:”

  1. ds101-1 Creating your first layout and the sketch that goes with it
  2. ds101-2 Working with templates and elements and the template (a Photoshop file) that goes with it
  3. ds101-3 Intermediate techniques

Above are the pages I create in each of the three tutorials. Your page won’t look exactly like that, because you’ll pick everything on it. But those are my examples 🙂

And one Digiscrapping 102 tutorial: Organizing Digital Scrapbooking Supplies. It talks about how we all do it. We take up digital scrapbooking and it’s so much fun! We download lots of freebies and even buy a few kits. We make pages. Then one day, we’re working on a layout and we remember the perfect flower. Wait! Where was it? It is impossible to organize things well enough just using folders. This tutorial talks about the way I organize my supplies and the tool that I use, ACDSee Photo Manager by ACD Systems International, Inc.


The great thing about this is you can try it out without spending a cent. If you don’t have a graphics program, download a trial of Photoshop Elements from Adobe.com. Why PSE? Because it has excellent features and costs hundreds less that full Photosho. Then these freebie sites for some materials to work with! You might have to spend a few minutes finding something that suits your style but that will be time well-spent because it will give you ideas (I hope).

  • Shabby Princess – nice variety, soft colors, excellent designer
  • Miss Mint – only one kit available but it changes now and then. Excellent quality
  • Designer Digitals gallery – great quality but few complete kits, need to combine things yourself.
  • “Craft Crave” formerly DigiFree – literally hundreds of new free things every day, quaility extremely variable. What you see in the preview is not necessarily free although they do try. It’s collected by a “bot.”
  • Digitial Daisy’s Handpicked Freebies – So much easier than combing through the hundreds of files, this blogger picks her favorites a few times a week.

My (current) Favorite Designers

If you want a little more reliable quality and a wider selection, there are hundreds of people making money by selling their digital scrapbooking kits and doo-dads. It can be overwhelming, so I’m going to point you to some I like. Your tastes may be totally different–but whatever you like, I guarantee you can find something that suits you with very little effort.

  • Studio Ztampf! at ScrapbookGraphics – designer Fhung Lie was born in Indonesia and lives in Hong Kong. She is an Artist. Her stuff is ah-mazing.
  • Shabby Princess – the designs here are soft and really usable, versatile and work well with many photos.
  • Lindsay Jane – a cleaner, more modern look.
  • Eva Kipler – I’m listing EvaK in memorium. She passed away leaving a real gap in digital scrapbooking. She was the master of color, in my opinon.
  • Katie Pertiet – does great work although I find it hard to find stuff on her site. She has one or two inexpensive items every Sunday.
  • Misty Cato – good all-round but especially if you have boy pictures you want to scrap.

Other resources:

My favorite shop: The Sweet Shoppe, with many fine designers.

The largest forums (I think…that changes LOL): DigiShopTalk. The gallery there is a source of incredible inspiration.

The best newsletter: Scrapgirls (newsletter signup is at the very top of that page). I don’t know how they can put out this amazing newsletter day after day but they do. Full of inspiration (all made from their stuff, of course).

And if there are any questions, I loooooove to talk about this stuff!

PS This page has only been up a few weeks and I’ve already had to update the links because artists and sites come and go and move around. If you find something that doesn’t look right–let me know.

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