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This is –bianca aka MissBianca aka @MissBianca aka bianca4archie and I am so excited to be launching my Happiness Blog! Welcome to my blog!

It’s my intent to frequently update this blog with the things that make me happy. So, will you be interested? Well, maybe! But I’m doing this for me first to continually remind myself about the many things there are to be happy about, to smile about and to be thankful for.

What makes me smile? My husband and my cats–sometimes LOL. David Archuleta almost never fails to put a smile on my face. In fact, he’s my inspiration for this! Other things that make me smile are being creative–whether it’s digital scrapbooking, plain old photoshop, web page (and blog?) design, or even a touch of writing–Disney (especially Disney World), and aminals of all kinds.

A big thing that makes me smile is learning something new! I love to learn. Or maybe the music I listen to will make me smile, maybe it will be an encounter with an old friend. A good book? A comic? A tacky joke? A kind gesture from a friend or a stranger? Finding exactly the right something? A new computer game? I don’t know! I only know that I can’t help but raise my mood if I smile and share it!

Just a bit of the basics: I live in Seattle, have been married for over 25 years to the nicest guy on earth, and never had any kids so my cats are my “kids.” I worked as an engineer for over 25 years for The Boeing Company, so I’m kind of nerdy. Everything else is subject to change!

Just a short word about what you WON’T find here. You won’t generally find David Archuleta news because there are plenty of sites you can find that on–I would only have news here if I felt I had something major to add to the conversation. (And that’s soooo unusual). Other things you won’t find here: Advertisements or Counters. This site is solely supported by my adored husband. And I have made a conscious decision not to count visitors or do any “Google Analytics” here to keep this as something I do for my mental health, not the stress of pleasing huge numbers of blog readers.

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