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I rant because I care. LOL.

David Archuleta fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting his new single and album. Or a leak. One note? A letter in the title? We know he’s written an estimated 1,329 songs with mentor-writers around the country (oh yeah, and in the UK!). His co-writers are impressed. David himself is excited to share his new music.

What do we have? ZILCH. We are not patient people, here…

So herewith is the twitter rant of the creative and articulate Brynn aka @therealnewangel. She said everything (including the title of this post) I would have wanted to say but with oh-so-much-more feeling. Thank you, Brynn!

All from @therealnewangel on 4/27/2010, broken into her ~140-character tweets:

I NEED this new album YESTERDAY!! Yes, I want it to be the best it can be…. YESTERDAY!!! GRRR. Make it work. NOWWWWWWW!

Seriously, David Archuleta. How many times do I have to re-watch all of your AI performances (yes, even WCWIO) and every single interview

and all the press you did for the first album, and every vlog, and listen to your Christmas album in spring, and look at all your random

pictures & compare your various sporting event performances & outfits and have debates on the merits of your various hairstyles and put up

with your BORING food tweets,& read every single songwriter you work with with their little thug nicknames say that they just wrote the most

incredible song w/ you & how you’re killing it in the soundbooth and blah, blah, blah, blah but NO pictures, no leaks, no nothin. Where is

the freakin’ Titanic when you need it. LEAK! LEAK! LEAK! I’m sick of being patient. I’m sick of stressing out about what your album cover

will look like and hoping you’ll look both cool AND happy and not like a dork & that you’ll either get a stylist who will rock it or you’ll

just throw on a tight t-shirt & pair of jeans and rock it yourself, thank you very much. JUST FINISH THE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!! kbye. 🙂

Oh gosh. I feel soooooooooooo much better.

Okay, for the record, I love the food tweets. But the rest! You rocked it, @therealnewangel!

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6 comments to I rant because I care. LOL.

  • ROFL! “Were is the freakin’ Titanic when you need it. LEAK! LEAK! LEAK!” BAHAHAAA!

    I hadn’t even…
    Of the album cover…
    IT’S SO HARD TO WAIT! *twitches* But gosh this was fantastic to read. LOL. 🙂 I can’t wait for the new material. Gosh! <3 Thanks for sharing, Bianca. I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

  • AJ

    I can’t wait to hear these songs……I hope this new album has at least 3-4 hit singles….. I wonder when the singles will be out; hope the launch will be great so it can debut high on the billboard chat; like #1!!!!! I wonder which of the songs jive will pick for the 1st singles!!! or so many things to wonder about…

    Leaving in Nigeria just sucks cos we never get to see David’s album…. i’m sure their will be a deluxe version and normal version…
    i so want the deluxe digital version and physical version…..U.S. fans a re so lucky!!!!!!

  • Fe

    LOL, yep, she said exactly what I’ve been feeling…E.X.A.C.T.L.Y.

    Sheesh David, will you throw us a bone already?

  • […] fan rant on the current David Archuleta drought I saw this on Bianca’s blog, and it’s too funny not to reproduce it here. The rant is by @therealnewangel, broken in a […]

  • Larissa

    I feel you, AJ. I’ve just moved from Singapore (the land of Archuleta-plenty) to Sydney, Australia (the barren, dehydrated land of the Archu-drought. 🙁

  • Aishwarya R

    AJ and Larissa, I live in New Zealand (Land of the Archu-drought to the power of infinity) 🙁