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Family times

Today is my father’s 85th birthday! Dad is in an assisted care facility outside Pittsburgh. Dad had a very serious fall last year. This was actually for the best–he had really stopped taking care of himself after Mom died. After the fall he spent over a month in the hospital, then was moved to a care facility and has since been moved to assisted living. The reason the fall was for the best is that Dad had always been very stubborn and he never would have agreed to the level of care he needed. Now, not only is he in a place we can trust but he’s not quite himself mentally–this is good because he can now be content in the facility and participates in their activities.

Out of the blue yesterday, I got calls from two of my three brothers! My youngest brother is having a great time fixing up my parents old home. He says I won’t recognize it. I’m sure I won’t from the street! He removed the hedge that was always taller than me. My oldest brother isn’t traveling as much due to the economy, which an unexpected benefit, LOL. His son will be graduating from Berkeley next year, going to go to graduate school. I suck at making phone calls even (maybe even especially?) to my family members. Gotta think on this.

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