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This is MY kitten Purr-Ki


I haven’t updated my blog in a few days. Not coincidentally, I’ve had my new kitten for about the same time.

This is Purr-Ki. It took a while to find the same name, but Purr-Ki is a variant of Per-Ki (yes, pronounced Perky) which stands for Perfect Kitten. Which he is. He is such a little sweetheart, very comfortable with us, very very very playful, and good with his eating and litter box. He even gets along with Gabonna. I mean he annoys Gabonna terribly because he wants to play, play, play but Beans has responded with appropriate levels of control like a good big brother.

Purr-Ki, Perkster, Purr-ki-kitty-kitty-kitty, Purrks, Sir Purr-Ki of Bearsafloat. Plenty of good nicknames. Not that he knows his name. I’m trying but so far he does NOT come when called.

I’m very happy!

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