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A second holiday gift – #DA2014 printable calendar

Happy holidays!

While I totally recommend you get a copy of the AMAZING #DA2014 Planner–all 134 pages with over 60 images of David–I realize not everyone can afford it.

So I’ve also created this #DA2014 Printable Calendar. Just click the preview image, save it to your hard drive and wait while your connection gets you huge, printable .jpg pages for each month of 2014. These will print beautifully on letter-sized or A4 paper.

Click this image to download all 12 pages of the calendar!

Click this image to download all 12 pages of the calendar!

Why get the planner when you can have this for free? A better keepsake, more pictures of David, each month really highlights David’s lyrics, lots and lots of room to write, plus (my personal favorite) convenience.

May the year 2014 bring you joy and peace! With hugs from @MissBianca.

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5 comments to A second holiday gift – #DA2014 printable calendar

  • {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}
    thank youuuu!!!! you’re amazing, Ms. B!

  • Vicky P

    Hallo Miss Bianca, thanks for the amazing calendar. Really really awesome. 😀

  • Andrew Josh


    Dave’s important to you, you sound like the angels in heaven Hanja, God bless and guide.

    2014 I wish a lot of joy, happiness, success God be blessed with more years.

    Love, Josh Andrew

  • Elaine Nitschke


  • This is so cool, and i love David Archuleta! Thank You for doing this for other Archie fans, you did an amazing job! 😉