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Treat yourself to an AMAZING gift

Presenting the DA2014 Planner by MissBianca a beautiful 6 by 9 inch, 134 page planning calendar created by me for special fans of David Archuleta. I made it on Blurb.com which is an easy-ish way to format and print your own books. Each week features a small photo of David, and each month has a large blend featuring him. There are over 60 photos in all. If you follow the link, you see a preview of only a portion of the book.

I admit, the planner is expensive. It is being sold at no markup, but I recommend the hardcover version and that’s going to amount to (gulp) around $50 including tax and shipping within the US. Check it out here, #DA2014 Planner and I hope you will find it a must-have item this holiday season!

Here are a few of the month pictures, so you can see them larger.

January - The Other Side of Down

January – The Other Side of Down

May - Broken

May – Broken

October - Who I Am

October – Who I Am

Many thanks to @pastelpastel for her help on this project. And as ever, my enormous gratitude to the many photographers who have taken such wonderful photos of David.

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