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New David Archuleta Calendar! No assembly required!

Like it? Want one? Click on the preview and you can order one from Shutterfly! When you look at it on their site, be sure to preview some of the calendar pages themselves–scroll down to see the little pics too!

Oh, and it’s even on sale, for a little while! So if you were thinking you wanted the cheap one, NOW is the time to order. Or the next sale. Or ask nice and I’ll make the other version just for you.

Note that this is at no profit to myself or the photographers. In fact, I’d like you to join me in thanking all the photographers who generously allowed me to use their photos in this project: Larissa Cheong (Larissa_SG), KimmieDavid, Lily Ikemoto (PlatinumArchie), PaulaFOD for her husband Mickey Moseley, Calynn4Archie, Heidi (Walls), Cathy_Kay, Janel Woodbury, Jennifer Barry (JenLeighBarry), Joanie (Sutty), and JulesEnoch!

Oh, and yeah. It says it’s by “Catherine R.” Yeah, my birth certificate doesn’t say “Bianca” but that’s WHO I AM…

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10 comments to New David Archuleta Calendar! No assembly required!

  • Charlotte

    Can you please make this calendar downloadable/printable for those of who CAN’T afford to buy one? I already have the little one you made, which I love, but I’d like one for my wall. Please make this downloadable/printable.
    Thank you

  • Michelle (Hazeleyd71)

    It’s absolutely beautiful Bianca! You’ve outdone yourself yet again. Thanks so much! I’m definitely ordering this!!!!

  • Charlotte–I’m afraid I can’t do that because I didn’t make the month parts, I used their software to put it together. So it’s just not that easy.

  • HPfanRinnie

    Just ordered mine! Thank you so much. It’s beautiful! It’ll be my first David calendar 😀

  • Kumikz

    Ahhh I really want one of that. But I can’t afford so goodluck to all..Hope you like it.. And oh to miss Bianca my mom says..that the gift tags lat december was amazing tnx..

  • Charlotte

    Then can you make one that people CAN print? And please don’t use shutterfly for this again.

  • Larissa

    Kumikz, you’re very lucky to get those lovely gift tags!

    I FLOVE. I DEAD. That’s all.

  • Charlotte: Many people have asked me to do something that they could have printed rather than printing themselves. This one’s for them!

  • Kalei

    Very nice Bianca!! You are so sweet to create this for David fans – something we all aspire to make, but don’t have the time or talent lol!

  • AJ

    Oh!! My God!!! This calendar is unbelievably fantastic… IT takes so much time and effort to get this done… 😉 🙂

    well done to everyone who had a hand in creating this awesome calendar…

    I can imagine the feeling changing the months and gazing at David!!! 🙂 lucky