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The Most Awesome David Archuleta Goodie Ever!

US labels like Jive don’t typically include lyrics booklets in CDs anymore. Keeping costs down, I think. Lyric sites are many on the net, but nothing beats having the lyrics in a nice little book. Before showing the 3 complete download options (yes, I’m crazy) I want to thank Larissa for scrutinizing the lyrics that I obtained off the web. As a result, these lyrics are the closest to correct they can be from listening to the CD!

Your choices will be described and compared below. In order of complexity of making them, they are:

1. Classic lyrics booklet

2. Photo album booklet

3. Mini-posters

I hope one of these forms will work for you!

1. Classic lyrics booklet

When I first wanted to do this project, the classic lyrics booklet came to mind first–a booklet that would fit inside a CD case. But then I realized there were some disadvantages to this format. It wouldn’t use standard size paper so it would have to be cut to size. Plus the pages needed to be printed back-to-back with perfect alignment. And for the best chance of fitting in a CD case, it would need to be printed on thin coated paper. Finally, it has to be folded together and stapled. Yikes! And yet, I still want one!


If you’re up to the task, please download the classic booklet .pdf file. The pages are correctly arranged and in order so that each sheet will be printed in order from outside to inside. There will be 4 printed sheets, each with 4 pages of the booklet.

2. Photo album booklet

So how to put together a booklet in the easiest way? First make the pages fit some sort of standard paper, then find a way to bind them easily. I came up with the idea to make a small photo album for the booklet.


Download the photos .zip file to get all the pages in .jpg format (caution: this is a 55MB file). Print the pages on standard 4 x 6 inch photo paper. You can probably even have your local photo printer do this–just make sure they don’t cut off the edges to the pages. A little white around the image is better than cutting off David’s head in the Spidey picture. Finally purchase a small photo album which holds at least 26 photos. These are available in a lot of styles and places, and they cost only a few dollars.

3. Mini-posters


This was an afterthought, but it was really easy for me to do once I’d done the others, so I did, haha. It’s so simple you might want to do it! Download the posters .zip file to get the page spreads (2 facing pages for each song) in .jpg format (this is “only” a 50 MB file). The pages will be 6 x 8 inches, which means you can only fit one on a standard sized paper. They will be prettiest on photo paper. You could print a whole set and put them in a loose-leaf notebook. Not the most elegant solution but it would surely work!

In parting, here’s a sample page spread/mini-poster. If you like this goodie, please consider leaving me a comment–they mean the world to me.

Thank you for your continued support of David Archuleta!

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50 comments to The Most Awesome David Archuleta Goodie Ever!

  • LOVE IT!!! Is this the project you’ve been working on?

  • Yes, it has taken me AGES!

  • Omg, this is AWESOME!

  • KathyH

    Oh my heck, Bianca, this is FANTASTIC. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you! I’ll help spread the word on twitter.

  • Marcella

    Bianca ROCKS! thanks 4 all u do!

  • omg! i love it! awesome job!

  • Love this bianca. I did a cd booklet once of david for a class that I have at Utah Valley University. If you ever need help let me know. I love doing this sort of stuff. I am working on a Adobe Flash Site of David. Thank your for this Goodie.

  • Love this bianca. I did a cd booklet once of david for an Adobe class that I have at Utah Valley University. If you ever need help let me know. I love doing this sort of stuff. I am working on a Adobe Flash Site of David. If you look at my web site, it is posted there
    Thank your for this Goodie.

  • Shanny in Australia

    This is an AWESOME idea Bianca! I love it. You are one talented lady and so very kind to share this with everyone! I have to get some more ink but in my best Arnie voice…”I’ll be baarckk” lol

  • Andrea

    OMYGOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL! I’ve always wanted a david lyric booklet!!!! (:

  • janey

    This is incredible. I LOVE IT!

  • Aishwarya R

    WOW THIS IS BEYOND AWESOME!!!! 😀 I love it to the max!!! Epic stuff. I’m going to download all three 🙂

  • Lily

    Bianca ~ this is a master-class lyrics booklet, just like the old days when they came with an album! THANK YOU so much!! Kudos to you! =)

  • vermeer aka penciltopaper

    Aww Bianca, such labor of love! It really is great to get all the lyrics in one place. So thank you thank you! And Larissa too!!

    They all look great, posters and all! Love it.

  • sweetonda

    Bianca, you are totally amazing! Thank you for this wonderful gift. I was hoping this album had the lyrics in it and was disappointed when it didn’t. This is perfect!!! I think the classic is the way I’m going.

  • Thank you, Miss Bianca. I love your art works <3
    I love all three but I think I'll have photo album booklet printed. 🙂

  • Thank you so very much for all of your hard work.Hugs to you.

  • Jana ♥

    Very nice..now it will be no time at all and I will have them memorized and can sing along w/all the songs:) So many goodies..thank you so much for your generous spirit and for sharing your talent w/us! (MKOP poster/Lyrics pure class!) J.

  • Michelle (Hazeleyd71)

    you are just so wonderful Bianca!I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and beautiful creativity. ♥ ♥ ♥ this!

  • violet4ever

    Thanks Bianca and Larissa!!!!!