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Pensive David Archuleta desktop wallpapers

Found this photo in Popeater’s Day in the Life package for David. Needed it on my desktop. Pick wide or regular screen to most closely fit your computer. Note: photo is actually larger on widescreen version, not narrow.

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8 comments to Pensive David Archuleta desktop wallpapers

  • Newangel

    LOL, the hair is getting fluffy again. I will deal with it gracefully this time.

  • what a good looking young man!!!

  • Larissa

    He must have been checking out food places along the street, LOL!

  • Aishwarya R

    LOL this picture totally reminds me of the line- “Windshield looks like a movie screen and the world outside is a big machine”. Idk why haha.
    And this wallpaper rocks!! Thanks Bianca! 😀

  • Hanne - Denamrk


  • he’e looking for something i guess.i love it

  • AJ

    ghaaaaaaaaaaa!! I’m just seeing this and i love it!!!!!! That picture of David could give one a hint of who this gorgeous man is?? i just hope his management can’t get him big TV promo’s cos that’s what lacking to kick start huge album sales for him..it’s sad that this great album hasn’t sold much:(

    DAVID..penny for your thought.pleaseeeeeee:)

  • my thanks. it’s been greeting me each morning for 3 days. My kind of perfect.