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Todays smileblog smiles are about smileblog

I updated my blog today–doesn’t look a whole lot different, does it?

Well, it’s now running on WordPress 3.0 which has some good stuff. Unfortunately, the feature that I really wanted, the new menu system, isn’t supported (yet?) by my theme. So I updated a nice menu with some new categories in my left sidebar. I hope you’ll try it out!

I updated my theme to a new version too. I use the very flexible Atahualpa theme. You may notice that the grayed out parts of the header aren’t there any more. But that’s a small price to pay for the rotating header images! That’s right, now they’ll fade to the next one (on most browsers) every 30 seconds or so. Coolness!

My next step will be to finish the lynda.com training on WordPress and Dreamweaver integration. I hope to be able to really make my blog shine once I understand how to tie those two together.

I notice I’ve been kind of lax in updating my smileblog so I’m going to make a special effort this week to add something every day. I have a ton of ideas (always, rolls eyes) but need to just start.

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