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A second holiday gift – #DA2014 printable calendar

Happy holidays!

While I totally recommend you get a copy of the AMAZING #DA2014 Planner–all 134 pages with over 60 images of David–I realize not everyone can afford it.

So I’ve also created this #DA2014 Printable Calendar. Just click the preview image, save it to your hard drive and wait while your connection […]

Treat yourself to an AMAZING gift

Presenting the DA2014 Planner by MissBianca a beautiful 6 by 9 inch, 134 page planning calendar created by me for special fans of David Archuleta. I made it on Blurb.com which is an easy-ish way to format and print your own books. Each week features a small photo of David, and each month has […]

And how about a little instrumental piece?

Played on the WHAT?

The Bellowphone. *dissolves in giggles*

The lovely “Cat and Mouse Carol” and our own Wochie

Our sweet, stubborn Wochie lost his fight with kidney disease yesterday. We are so sad but it was his time.

I am visualizing him as the cat in this carol. I’m sure he never actually met a mouse, but he would have loved to.