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Bad songs made me smile today

A list of the 10 worst songs of the 1970’s (or possibly EVER) was published on Yahoo today. OMG he nailed it! These are all in the laughably bad earworm category except for one. I didn’t know the “Joey” one. I’d add “Wildfire” or maybe “Billy Don’t Be A Hero” in its place.

Uber-cute photos made me smile today

First a puppy in its first snowfall taken by a reddit user named anhes and found for me by Dan.

Next we have a fabulous snow leopard cub from Wikipedia Commons found by me when trying to verify the photographer of the puppy.

And last, but never least, our own photo of […]

As seen on Facebook

Relax. We are all crazy. It is not a competition.

Too much truth to that sometimes.

Pain and surviving cancer, some musings

It has been about a year since my chemotherapy started, since I heard the diagnosis that there was a 50% chance that cancerous cells had escaped my tumor and were in my bloodstream and/or lymphatic system. If I knew then what I know now (hah! hindsight is wonderful) that the chemo would give me pain […]

“Dilbert” made me smile yesterday

I worked almost exclusively for and with middle managers in my last few years at Boeing. I was one of the minions that who fruitlessly attempted to make this connection.