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A funky beat made me smile today

Smiling while listening to my nephew play drums with his band the B Side Shuffle. I think they’re quite good, really!

Live from the Kitchen by B Side Shuffle

A tiny, tiny house made me smile today

If this house in Cornwall is ever for sale, I am so there! Everything I need in only 320 square feet, about the size of a room at Disney’s Beach Club. Who needs stuff? The website I found it on, Small House Bliss, is now added to my favorites.

Click on the pic […]

Someone’s pet made me smile today

It’s a capybara! It’s not a Photoshop! Read all about it on Cute Overload.

A widget made me smile today

I love names! Do you have a name common when you were born? According to this cool widget, my name peaked the year before I was born. No wonder there were so many sharing my name in my classes!

I got some funny results. Our very rare last name turned out to be translated […]

Let Music Fill Your Soul — new @DavidArchie scrapbook page

I got a scrapbooking newsletter yesterday and it contained a perfect page for me to scraplift (plus it gave me an excuse to buy a music-themed kit I’d wanted LOL).

This is the first David Archuleta scrapbook page I’ve done in a while. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks to @NancyFOD for helping choose […]

I almost joined tumblr to give <3 to this artist

Today the tumblr blog Animals on Desserts gave me big smiles! What a talented cartoonist! And witty! If you have tumblr, please go give her some love. I can’t wait to see more.


Baby Pops-eagle

Found on Cute Overload, of course!