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Something made me cry today — RIP BetsyAnn

I learned today of the passing of one of the greatest people I have met on the internet. Betsy was a longtime Disney friend and a friend and comfort to so many. I have so many dear memories of her. She was such a strong, kind, warm woman. There will always be a hole in […]

A photo made me smile today!

My sweetheart! Thank you, photographer Michelle for getting the photo to us!

Cap’n Harv heads out in the Friendship Sloop Amie.

Note that the sail won’t be saggy-baggy for long. They are just getting into open water to raise the main.


Kittens made me smile today–Aby kitties!

Today I found a YouTube channel devoted to Abyssinian cats and kittens: Abayomiabys.

It was like seeing our boys as kittens! Total awesome cuteness! Here’s one of the videos, showing how hard it is to be an Aby mom. I especially like the tail part.

I bet you’re smiling now, too!


I made me smile today

I spent some time looking through all the digital scrapbook pages I’ve done. Boy! Have I learned a lot about it since I started. I also feel energized to work on a new project. Maybe I’ll share it as I go along. Hint: Disney.

But for now I found this little card I made. I […]


Harvey has had this growth on his cheek. It was removed some years ago by his doctor–biopsy negative. The growth returned and he went back to his doctor–removed; biopsy negative. But it grew back quite fast this time and I insisted he go to a dermatologist. When they removed it, this time the biopsy is […]