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The science of music

Here’s a great article from Smithsonian Magazine called Eight New Things We’ve Learned About Music. Another article I read recently on the NPR web site discussed research into why we like the new music that we do. Why? Because it sounds like something we already like. And thus: pop radio. Bleah.

Another comic I follow

Two Lumps is about two very different Russian Blue cats, one with a more fun-loving carefree nature, the other more cynical. I loved today’s comic!

Blog theme

I think I need a new blog theme. Hmmmm, but I like the rotating header image. Except that every update the theme overrides my images and I have to put them back, LOL.

Updated: Oh my heck! They added a way to fix that in this update. Okay, I’m gonna play with the the theme […]

A new goodie–bookmarks with David’s tweets!

The winner in my poll was for me to make bookmarks based on some of David Archuleta’s tweets. I picked four of my all-time favorite tweets–hope they are yours as well! Click on the preview and save the .pdf file to your hard drive for printing.

The first page of the .pdf has […]

A new goodie? But what kind?

I’m feeling the Archuleta-love and want to make a new goodie for his fans (and me, LOL) in celebration of his new album “No Matter How Far.” I’ve got a few ideas but I wonder if anyone will care. I could make bookmarks (with quotes or tweets), a 1-year calendar, or a birthday calendar. Have […]


I’m smiling again

Hey all! Still doing better and better. I just wish my numb feet and fingers would improve. Ah well…life goes on. I thought I’d get back to the original purpose of this blog, sharing things that made me smile. And the first one I’ll share is this Frazz comic. If you don’t follow Frazz, it’s […]