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My cancer journey–All systems go!

Okay, there’s nothing planned that can stop my cancer surgery now. It’s going to be on Wednesday, later in the day this time. My surgeon is even looking to get a very specific anesthesiologist who is familiar with my kind of heart/lung problems.

Things did get pretty much cleared up with the cardiologist. Harvey […]

Some info on pulmonary hypertension

In case you are wondering why this has upset me so much, check out this info from mednet:

What is the life expectancy for pulmonary hypertension?

Generally, the prognosis of pulmonary hypertension varies depending on the underlying condition that is causing it. For idiopathic or familial pulmonary hypertension, the overall prognosis depends on the […]

My cancer journey–my first tears

Well, I’m crying because I feel abandoned and angry. It’s my cardiologist. Getting the next steps out of them has been difficult every step of the way. Now my CT scan shows “no acute abnormalities” and they’ve let my doctor know.

Okay, but what does that mean to me? What about this pulmonary hypertension […]

My cancer journey–it’s like wooden boat repair

At least in our experience, when you start your major maintenance of a wooden boat there’s a long period where you discover more and more is wrong. Every time you look somewhere new, odds are there’s something needing fixing. It’s an endless ride…

Well, today I had an echo cardiogram of my heart and I […]