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My cancer journey — doctors and more doctors

So far in this little journey, I’ve had dealings with my general practitioner, a radiologist, an oby/gyn, a gyn oncologist, an anesthesiologist, an emergency room doctor, and a cardiologist. And really, this is a relatively simple, fixable case of cancer. Sheesh.

I spent yesterday evening (5 hours!) at the emergency room because I had […]

My cancer journey — My heart is broken

Too. My HEART is broken, too. Hang with me a minute.

I was supposed to have surgery today. I did all the prep (and you don’t want the gross details). I ate the clear liquids, took the special showers, and arrived on time if a little nervous. Yesterday I’d had an EKG as part of […]

My cancer journey — It’s all about the surgery

Met my oncologist today and WOOSH! I have a date for my hysterectomy. It all went very efficiently. Dr. Veljovich is very optimistic about my case. Unless he’s wrong, all I will need is to have my uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and cervix removed–not even any radiation or chemo. The cancer’s stage will be determined […]

I have cancer, but I’m still smiling

My diagnosis is in, it’s a slow-growing endometrial cancer which should be very treatable with surgery. My doctor even made an appointment with a gynecological oncologist — so next Tuesday I’ll meet him and I hope find out how much longer I have to wait. The stage of the cancer isn’t known until then but […]