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David Archuleta Lyrics in a Wordle

We were having fun on twitter the other night and I was introduced to the site for making wordles. From their site, “Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.” I thought these were really […]

Tribute to my father

I’ve not been smiling the past few days. My Dad passed away this weekend. He was 85 and had not had much of a life in recent years. First my Mom died, leaving Dad without much purpose to his life. Then he had a major fall which accelerated the Alzheimers problems he was having. As […]

A Heart-Warming Story

Thanks to Joni for tweeting the link to this story! The Tire Iron and the Tamale, from the NYT Magazine. A worthwhile read, definitely many things to ponder in it.

David Archuleta Prayer Quote Desktop Backgrounds

So many people liked my scrapbook page that I’m just delighted! I love getting your feedback.

Sheila and Trudy asked me for desktop backgrounds from it–so I made one, and then two more for different sized computers. Pick the one that looks most like the shape of your screen. Just right click and save.

David Archuleta Prayer Quote Scrapbook Page

It has been a while since I’ve done a straight, unrelated to anything, scrapbook page with David. I loved this quote he tweeted yesterday–it is by Mahatma Ghandi and a beautiful take on the subject of prayer.

Credit to Larissa for the photo and to Julee for color suggestions (even though she didn’t know this […]

Sneaky Peeky! DBB is having a party soon…

We’re getting a makeover and will have some nice goodies to celebrate the new blog look, the new chat room, and the reopening of the forum! Here’s a sneak peek for you!

Simon’s Cat! Sticky!

Nothing better than checking Cute Overload and finding a new Simon’s Cat video. Well…maybe a few things but it sure made me smile!