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Caravan–Week 3: Travel

Well, I’m about to travel, to Disneyland for the first time! And San Diego for the first time! I’m sooo excited.

And here’s my art journal page for this week’s verb, Travel. I was inspired by David this time LOL. Well, sort of. By the way, I made the figure basically from scratch–put 25 […]

New David Archuleta Calendar! No assembly required!

Like it? Want one? Click on the preview and you can order one from Shutterfly! When you look at it on their site, be sure to preview some of the calendar pages themselves–scroll down to see the little pics too!

Oh, and it’s even on sale, for a little while! So if you […]

David Archuleta Calendar Poll

Hi David fans!

There’s been interest in having a 2011 calendar made. Well, Jennifer Barry is making one with her amazing photos but I thought I’d also do a very simple one. Everyone has room for 2 calendars, right?

Anyway, I’m deciding where to make it and I have two choices:

1.$15 calendar with […]

The Adventures of Wochie and Gabonna

I haven’t talked much here about those closest to me, but going to try to share more smiles this year!

Wochie and Gabonna are our cats. They are Abyssinians and we learned of them the day my first beloved Aby passed away (of kidney disease, which is how very old cats often die). The […]

Caravan: Week 2 Thrive

Just a quick post to document my process. Love this week’s focus word, Thrive. I want to do another page on my cat’s purrs and my husband’s laughter (and maybe David’s singing?) but my first thought is that when I’m really learning, I’m thriving. Need to do more! Want to! Gah! So much to do, […]

Love 9 Chickweed Lane!

Before the explosion of the Internet, we used to get a daily paper. I would glance at the headlines but read the comics section daily. And that was a lot of comics! Now I still read just a few of my favorites online every day. One of those is 9 Chickweed Lane, which I love […]

Caravan: Week 1: Process

When I read that our word for our Art Journal Caravan for the first week was Process (the verb) I freaked out a little. You see, I used to *cough* design processes for The Boeing Company. This was considered to be very important and difficult work–because it involved defining the steps that people would use […]