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David Archuleta twitter background

I thought I’d make one more “old twitter” background before twitter makes me switch over and I lose all the screen space for lovely pictures.

Credit on this photo to Christine, found on FOD.

You’re welcome to it if you like it! Just save it to your computer.


The Most Awesome David Archuleta Goodie Ever!

US labels like Jive don’t typically include lyrics booklets in CDs anymore. Keeping costs down, I think. Lyric sites are many on the net, but nothing beats having the lyrics in a nice little book. Before showing the 3 complete download options (yes, I’m crazy) I want to thank Larissa for scrutinizing […]

Pensive David Archuleta desktop wallpapers

Found this photo in Popeater’s Day in the Life package for David. Needed it on my desktop. Pick wide or regular screen to most closely fit your computer. Note: photo is actually larger on widescreen version, not narrow.


Random David Archuleta scrapbook page

So during the video chat with David the other day, Shayla asked if he’d ever pet a zebra. He hasn’t, apparently. (One stuck its head in my car once but that’s a different story. Drive through animal park.) Anyway, Shayla contacted me and asked if I’d make a scrapbook page. I thought the idea was […]

Five things I hate about getting older

First of all, I had a terrific birthday last week! Social media at its best, it was like a party for days, haha. Ummmm, I turned older. I’m at an age where I really feel my age a lot of the time. Here’s five of the things I hate the most:

Memory. My memory used […]

Same animation, new location

I put this up before but my “web guru” got it to work first thing in a post. So I wanted to share it. I should edit it and add TOSOD somewhere, eh?

Celebrate TOSOD — Desktop Background 2

I’m continuing to wait eagerly for TOSOD–my fan edition is somewhere in transit, partying it up on a truck with others destined for the US West Coast. The great pictures here were taken by Cathy__Kay at David’s performance at the New Albany Classic! Choose regular or widescreen. Images are full size–click to see the size! […]