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In which everything that can go wrong does go wrong at check-in

I’m typing this from Chairzilla, Jr., at the Ameritel Spectrum in Idaho Falls, Idaho. This is a great room and spotlessly beautiful hotel and wow, was my check-in hilarious.

Me (arriving at desk): Bianca Nobe, checking in with reservations for two rooms. Nice check-in lady 1: Great! May I see the credit card you […]

David Archuleta ABC Book for Fans, O is for . . .

Oh my Gosh! How great is this guy? He got me to stop swearing because his way of speaking is infectious. I’m still celebrating Chords of Strength this week and most of these pictures are from the amazing signings that David has done. He’s been extra-glowing, I think.

Hey, anyone have some recent high-res […]

Peace David -- a merry-go-round by Beebee!

The original video was taken by Jonerz at the MOA book signing. I just loved the smile and begged thebeebee to make one of her famous merry-go-rounds of it. At the time she hadn’t seen the video so she begged “too busy.” But once she saw it, well, nothing makes you smile like a beautiful […]

The old software error run-around

I’d like to have all the features of Yahoo Messenger, but it needs Flash installed.

Not just Flash, but Flash for Internet Explorer

But my machine has a 64 bit architecture, and Flash is not supported for 64-bit Internet Explorer.

I have two versions of Internet Explorer 8 installed. You’d think one would be […]

David Archuleta ABC Book for Fans, N is for . . .

Nervous, partly in honor of “Chords of Strength.” A lot of what David overcame (and continues to overcome) were his own fears and nervousness. It is a real lesson to all of us–I will certainly think of him next time I make a phone call for example.

And somehow David’s nervousness points up that […]

New Hair!

Hah! You thought it would be a picture of David!!!

Is me, got 8 inches taken off yesterday.

Oh, okay, David does still make me smile. Every one of the pics from his first book signing yesterday is a study in happy. Pure joy. Awww.