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Our boat–she flies!

Our sailboat, the Friendship Sloop Amie has been undergoing some serious maintenance this summer. I want to knight the two men who are helping hubby–if my sweetie’d had to do this all by himself, I have NO idea when he would have been done. Anyway, today the boat was hauled out of the water so […]

This video made me cry happy tears

This is a video about work done on a cat named Oscar who had tragically lost his hind paws. Bionic Feet for Amputee Cat. Amazing technology–and isn’t it wonderful how resilient the cat is!

Todays smileblog smiles are about smileblog

I updated my blog today–doesn’t look a whole lot different, does it?

Well, it’s now running on WordPress 3.0 which has some good stuff. Unfortunately, the feature that I really wanted, the new menu system, isn’t supported (yet?) by my theme. So I updated a nice menu with some new categories in my left sidebar. […]

New David Archuleta graphic desktop inspired by photog. Jeremy Cowart

Annie from Germany tweeted a link to the photography/photomanipulations of Jeremy Cowart. I thought so many of these were awesome that I thought I’d challenge myself to make a couple of desktop backgrounds with them as inspiration. For the first inspiration, the one at the right here was chosen. I love the textures, the saturated […]

Big big big David Archuleta New Song News!

Well here’s what’s official:

Song will be available on David’s official site on July 13 and on iTunes on July 20.

And here’s what we have from excellent sources!

Song name is “Something ‘Bout Love” and according to radio station people, it’s “Better than ‘Crush,’ ‘Parachutes and Airplanes,’ and ‘Not a Very Good […]

David Archuleta July Calendar Goodies -- Take one, take both!

Okay, in honor of David singing the most important National Anthem of the year, the July calendar has a US Independence Day theme. I’ve also done one that’s more generic for those who would prefer it.

This one is two parts–you can print just the calendar, or just the “poster” or both! Please click […]

One small comment on yesterday

I took that!!! Credit me if you use it, please 🙂