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Want to be mesmerized by David Archuleta on your desktop?

I liked the “M is for …” page so much that I made myself a desktop from it. Then I made another one for people who don’t have a wide-screen display. So click on the one you like best and save the image to your computer if you want to keep it!


Awesome Blog — 1000 Awesome Things

WordPress helped me find this blog called 1000 Awesome Things. It’s a cool one–added it to my daily bookmarks. Interestingly, the mission for it is similar to smileblog but the author’s approach is different. From WordPress’s story, “When Neil Pasricha started his WordPress.com blog, 1,000 Awesome Things, he decided to highlight one awesome thing each […]

Pondering Chords of Strength

Yesterday I received my first copy of “Chords of Strength” and read it in one sitting. It took me 4.5 hours and I’m a fast reader. What a great job David Archuleta did, I genuinely hope this isn’t the only book we ever get from him.

Some thoughts–it didn’t answer all my questions but […]

David Archuleta ABC Book for Fans, M is for . . .

Mesmerizing. With thanks to Larissa for the great photo!

I don’t know about you but I’ve seldom seen anyone who can rivet my attention like David can. When he sings, I can’t look away. Is there a band on stage? I don’t even know! This is the only word I’ve ever reused from my previous […]

David Archuleta ABC Book for Fans, L is for . . .

Lefty! I’m so sorry this took so long. I’ve been busy, busy, busy, with calendars and whatnot. Thank you so much for continuing to visit my little blog!

As always, click on the preview to get the file sized for printing at 8 inches square which will fit on standard photo paper.


June David Archuleta Calendar Goodie!

Here’s my June calendar featuring not only the amazing Chords of Strength, but small woodland and mythical creatures who of course are not greater than David but who flock to him. Enjoy! Share! Make sure you get the HUGE one for printing by clicking on the image!


@DavidArchie made me oversleep today

So I’m lying in bed all cozy and stuff- -it’s a cool spring day here and has that kind of overcast where you can’t tell by the sun what time it is.

Just lying there, wondering when my alarm is going to go off. I use my iPhone (code name miPhone) as my alarm. […]