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In case you were wondering

In case you were wondering why I don’t create a scrapbook to sell for charity, it is because of the copyright issues involved. I enjoy using the best and largest-sized photos of David available and often the ones I want to use are from professional photographers, like the Matt Clayton one on the “E” page. […]

Can't wait, wait for a new blog post on this one

I actually listen to a lot more talk radio than I do pop music radio. Okay, I also listen to more jazz on radio than I do pop. In fact, I do current pop radio about as often as I watch TV, which so far this year has been exactly once–when David Archuleta was on […]

David Archuleta ABC Book for Fans, E is for . . .

This is one of my favorites in the series…how DOES he do that? Why are we so drawn in? How can he get that much sound out of one vocal chord? Let’s face it, the mysteries surrounding David Archuleta are many!

As always, click on the preview to get the file sized for printing […]

My heart went POP! when I saw this!

I don’t post all the David Archuleta news. There are plenty of fantastic sites that do that. But every once in a while, something makes me smile so wide that I have to capture it here.

Yesterday David Archuleta and a little “Make a Wish” kid named Jonah performed David’s “Touch My Hand” at […]

David Archuleta ABC Book for Fans, D is for . . .

Today’s D-word is one that David uses himself and I can kinda see his point. I sure don’t think it’s a bad thing though.

As always, click on the preview to get the file sized for printing at 8 inches square which will fit on standard photo paper.

Note to David’s fansites: […]

David Archuleta ABC Book for Fans, C is for . . .

Thanks so much to those of you who participated in my poll. I will be continuing to do the lighthearted, slightly snarky fans-eyes-only book. I think you are all aware that I totally love and respect David for his amazing talent and character. If ever I do offend you, please feel free to use my […]

Why I have found it hard to smile the past few days.

Here is a news story about one of my good Disney friends. Kristen is a sweetheart and they deserved such happiness–and they WERE happy. Until he drove off without taking his seizure medications. My heart goes out to Kristen and Scott’s family (he was a widower with a little daughter). The suddenness has just left […]