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David Archuleta ABC Book for Fans, H is for . . .

Another easy word to guess! I mean, yeah, handsome but … how often does David mention food in his tweets and blogs–like every day? Two things we know he loves: music and food. We should all have his metabolism!! And thanks for everyone who helped me remember enough of David’s favorites to fill the page […]


David Archuleta fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting his new single and album. Or a leak. One note? A letter in the title? We know he’s written an estimated 1,329 songs with mentor-writers around the country (oh yeah, and in the UK!). His co-writers are impressed. David himself is excited to share his new music.


Family times

Today is my father’s 85th birthday! Dad is in an assisted care facility outside Pittsburgh. Dad had a very serious fall last year. This was actually for the best–he had really stopped taking care of himself after Mom died. After the fall he spent over a month in the hospital, then was moved to a […]

David Archuleta ABC Book for Fans, G is for

Glowing! Oh yes, he really, really does! The first time I saw David live, I had flown to LA for the AI tour. This was just the third concert of the tour and at the time I didn’t know anyone who had flown to see an Idol–so flying 1000 miles was a big deal LOL. […]

A goodie for the fangirls! :D

I saw this idea on a scrapbooking blog and thought it would be fun. So, ta-daaaaaa! Door hangers for putting on your door to warn the world you’re fangirling. I wonder if I can figure out a way to hang one on my laptop, LOL.

Click for the big one, print it out; it […]

May Calendar! Peace Out w/David Archuleta

Click for the big one! Let me know what you’d like to see! Hugs to all! Let’s get some cheer going!

David Archuleta ABC Book for Fans, F is for . . .

I thought this was one of the most guessable words LOL. As always, click on the preview to get the file sized for printing at 8 inches square which will fit on standard photo paper.

Note to David’s fansites: May I beg for a little visibility? Please?\Please link any posts of these pages […]