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David Archuleta ABC Book for Fans, B is for . . .

Thanks so much to those of you who commented on my first page. It means a ton! I realized this is different from my usual project because it really is FOR the fans (and fans-eyes-only). It’s not something I’m doing just for me and it’s a big undertaking to do 26+ pages. It takes me […]

I’m working on it…here have an animated .gif

David Archuleta ABC Book for Fans, A is for . . .

Well, here’s the first page of my new scrapbook, I think. Please let me know what you think!!! I had a total creative crisis while trying to do this and I’m just not sure. Do you like the style?

Click on the preview to get the file is sized for printing at 8 inches […]

David Archuleta ABC Scrapbooks

I’m excited because I’ve begun the detailed planning for my third David Archuleta ABC scrapbook.

If you visited Team Archie when I was showing it, you may recall my first ABC scrapbook. It’s the one I made for David, about David:

We had fun with that–folks guessed the words I’d chosen and then I’d […]

Why human translators are still needed

My “Google Alert” contained a link to the following biography of David Archuleta today. I think it’s hilarious. I feel pretty certain this is an example where some text in English was sent through an automatic translator and then later back into English again. It gives a GREAT understanding of the limitations of these automatic […]

Photoshopping "pet eye"

I didn’t do a whole lot today, but I had some smiles. My first smile to post here is my photoshop exploits. I tried to fix this photo, in which our cat Gabonna has a terrible case of “pet eye.”

Human red eye is easy to edit, pet eye like that is really […]

I married the best … that is all.

My man emailed me from 30 feet in the air on a hydraulic lift on the Boeing 787 flight line. He loves me!