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I'm all shook up (in a good way)!

Just had to share this video which made me smile today! Thanks Abrra for the mashup! Go give her proper props at Snow Angels where I found it. And thanks jrrrrdanrussell for taking the video at the We The Kings concert.


Larissa saves the day!

Well, my Flash movie is officially confused. I was massively frustrated today because a piece of it will NOT stay in the spot it needs to be in. I think the file simply got corrupted because Flash crashed so many times 🙁 Anyway, I’m starting over–but it ought to go better this time.

Just […]

Chords of Strength -- David Archuleta's autobiography

This cover made me smile so wide I can’t begin to tell you. Isn’t it grand?

And the description on Amazon made me get all misty-eyed. Seriously. Especially this part:

“Intimate and uplifting, Chords of Strength allows a unique glimpse of the man behind the music and offers hope […]

Huh? Hahahahaha!

I don’t usually share my dreams, but then I don’t usually have dreams with David in them. This was part of one of my usual, long, convoluted dreams that make sense at the time but not after I wake up. Harvey says my dreams are “creative.” I think they just show I’m confused. Anyway:


So frustrated!

I don’t have my perfectly simple little Flash movie done yet. If you want to read my vent about why, click below. But if not, that’s good too. This is smileblog and I’ll find some reason to smile later.


A quick little postette

This can’t be a full post, just a little quick one.

Two things I wanted to mention that made me smile today:

1. David’s tweet: “#IfYouRDominican can you help me learn how to dance bachata better? haha” First use of a trending hashtag. Still wanting to learn to dance bachata. AND he changed […]

Go me!

I finally finished my first online course on Adobe Flash!

I’ve got an idea and I’m going to make a little move tomorrow 😀 Animation is something I really love and I have been kind of terrified about Flash because it’s so complex. But hey, I can draw, I can put parts together, I […]