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My friends made me smile today

I have been sick. Very sick. ICU sick. Took me 13 days to escape from the hospital but I’m home now and working on getting stronger.

I really needed the GroupCard I got today from my David buddies.


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Still smiling from Date Night double feature

Harvey and I had an awesome “Date Night” last night. We’d gotten out of the habit of our Saturday night dates but I hope this marks a return to them. It’s wonderful how smiley I still feel today after watching this animated double feature:

The Lego Movie -- Really Is Awesome!

The Lego Movie — Everything Is Awesome!

How To Train Your Dragon -- A Great Movie!

How To Train Your Dragon — A Great Movie!

I love animated movies and these are two of the best ever that didn’t come out of Disney. It was so much fun comparing the animation styles. “The Lego Movie” world is, of course, made out of Lego but it was amazing how expressive each character was. The way the animators used Lego blocks to represent water, fire, and clouds was really clever. The stiff units were built into flowing, rapidly changing shapes. It all just worked although there was always a piece of my mind thinking about how the movie was animated. But then, that was part of a cheeky tone of the whole film.

The beautifully rendered world of “How To Train Your Dragon” really drew me in. At one point I remember wondering why it was animated–it was so real and the plot was SO good. But then I thought “Because, dragons!” and was swept along. Who knew dragons would be so cat-like? This was my second viewing of this movie and it was at least as enjoyable as the first; I loved seeing it with the Harv. This is just an all-round excellent movie and I am excited that the sequel is out!

If you’ve missed either one of these great films, fix that situation! Yep, I’m still smiling.

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Lowly Worm made me smile today

richard-scarry_wide-ef1bad6c2dedf01c49ad2892361c05ffcf72ad2c-s18-c85 Ah Lowly Worm! I was a little too old to actually learn to read from the delightful books by Richard Scarry, but I still had a great time finding Lowly Worm on each page.

I remember going through “Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever” with my then two-year old niece Arielle. On one page I pointed to a picture of a fireplace and said, “Fireplace,” and she pointed to the fireplace in the room (even though it looked very little like the illustration) and gleefully pronounced, “Fireplace! Fireplace!”

Richard Scarry was a great writer and illustrator. So glad to hear his son is adding to his legacy.

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This is MY kitten Purr-Ki


I haven’t updated my blog in a few days. Not coincidentally, I’ve had my new kitten for about the same time.

This is Purr-Ki. It took a while to find the same name, but Purr-Ki is a variant of Per-Ki (yes, pronounced Perky) which stands for Perfect Kitten. Which he is. He is such a little sweetheart, very comfortable with us, very very very playful, and good with his eating and litter box. He even gets along with Gabonna. I mean he annoys Gabonna terribly because he wants to play, play, play but Beans has responded with appropriate levels of control like a good big brother.

Purr-Ki, Perkster, Purr-ki-kitty-kitty-kitty, Purrks, Sir Purr-Ki of Bearsafloat. Plenty of good nicknames. Not that he knows his name. I’m trying but so far he does NOT come when called.

I’m very happy!

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The lovely “Cat and Mouse Carol” and our own Wochie

Our sweet, stubborn Wochie lost his fight with kidney disease yesterday. We are so sad but it was his time.

I am visualizing him as the cat in this carol. I’m sure he never actually met a mouse, but he would have loved to.

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A funky beat made me smile today

Smiling while listening to my nephew play drums with his band the B Side Shuffle. I think they’re quite good, really!

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Something made me cry today — RIP BetsyAnn

I learned today of the passing of one of the greatest people I have met on the internet. Betsy was a longtime Disney friend and a friend and comfort to so many. I have so many dear memories of her. She was such a strong, kind, warm woman. There will always be a hole in my heart from this loss.

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