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Disney has that effect on me, too

The safety and freedom to be a kid again. Yeah.

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SoCal trip report: Post Disneyland portion

I’m going to update on my trip in two parts. The first part is actually the 2nd part of our trip. I haven’t written the Disneyland part but I shared this on my Disney site so it was already done. it’s a bit geared to my Disney World fan friends (find us all at Tagrel.com).

Our trip was planned in 2 parts: first 4 nights at the Disneyland Hotel, then off to San Diego where we would stay at a boutique hotel downtown for 5 more nights.

Except, well, it was our vacation and we were allowed to change our minds, yes?

The first sign of where our hearts really were was that we spent MUCH longer than planned at DL the day after our 4th night in the hotel. Arrived in San Diego late but with big plans–we would visit the Zoo, the Wild Animal Park (now renamed Safari Park for whatever reason), the aircraft carrier Midway, and the Maritime Museum.

The Zoo was great! Well, very hilly, but we’d taken my rented scooter to SD so I could handle it. Saw my first Panda. Had a long conversation with a Kea. Bought a beautifully accurate, non-cutesy koala stuffed animal for my collection.

The next day, I had a serious case of travel tummy, so hubby enjoyed the Midway alone. He said he could have spent days there.

Thursday was so much fun! We met a friend (Lily aka PlatinumArchie) and her husband at a restaurant and talked for so long they booted us out of the view table we were occupying! Then Harvey and I enjoyed the Maritime Museum which has some wonderful boats of the kind he loves most.

The next morning, I woke up with a huge Jones to see DL one last time. So we called and made a reservation at the Disneyland Hotel again, packed up our too-many bags, and headed north. Hey, it was our vacation, we got to go where we wanted to go! We stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at a Cafe Rio. Gosh, I love that place! I sure wish they’d open one in the Seattle area.

Checked in and got a complimentary upgrade to a 10th floor view room (for coming back). Went up to the room to wait for our baggage.

And that’s when stupidity (?!!) or Fate (?) or something took over. I went to move the scooter out of the way. I KNOW BETTER than to try to move it with the power on without sitting on it. Anyway, it was set on RABBIT and I accidentally grabbed the forward control and it took off and dragged me! I fell and was in pain and the Harv helped me up. I had a LOT of pain in my left leg but was able to move about 3 inches at a time.

So what did we do? We went out to the parks and bought our annual passes. Got our pictures taken and went into DL to see the fireworks and Small World which had reopened after its post-holiday closure. All the rough pavement jarring me really hurt. Waiting by the Partners sculpture for the fireworks, I tried walking.


Searing, slashing, horrible pain. I’ve had sciatica. This was worse. Not the worst I’d ever had but really terrible. I realized no way could I take a plane home the next day–no way could I even get in the rental car–with this pain.

So we went back to the hotel, and to guest services, who called Disney Medical. Who called paramedics and an ambulance. I was taken to UC-Irvine’s Medical Center’s ER where I spent about 4.5 hours to find out nothing was broken, but it might take 4-6 painful weeks to heal. And they gave me a prescription for vicoden.

The vicoden did work well enough to get me home (although, for the record, it is not an anti-anxiety drug and it helped me appreciate the one I usually take while flying). I’ve seen my doctor and am still on vicoden (thus this garble) and an anti-inflammatory. The pain is worse than I’d like to see it be by this point.

Anyway, if you’re going to be an idiot and tear something in your leg, might as well be at Disney where they are prepared and such professionals!

And I still haven’t seen Small World. 🙁

But I do have an annual pass! 😀

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Something already made me smile AND cry today

One of the loveliest people from my favorite Disney site put together this long video with events that stretch back until the early 2000’s. We’ve been together a long time. I’ve done several group things with the Taginators of Tagrel.com including a cruise, cheering for our marathoners, and a few MouseFests. I don’t know everyone in all of these pictures but I know most of them! Oh, thank you BetsyAnn, thank you!

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Oh goodness, bad blogger ;) Here, have a goodie!

I just realized we are FIVE days into the new month and I haven’t blogged. Not only that but I’ve had some down experiences. I need to remember that I blog because I need to recognize those smiles when they happen. That doing so makes me feel positive about life. I do not need to feel positive first.

Believe it or not, our feelings follow our thoughts, not the other way around. When we have a sudden feeling, we may not be aware of the thought that caused it, but it’s there. You can’t change the way you feel about something without changing your thoughts about it–but that’s good right? We are more in control of our thoughts. And speaking of control and thoughts, read MomJulee’s uber-magnificent blog today: Psychosis Revealed. It made me smile, it made me cry–but very good tears.

Oh yeah, a goodie! I made this twitter background for Michelle (@ShellDAFan) and she says I can share it with you! Make it big, right click save to your own computer then re-upload it to twitter on the settings/design page.

In other smiles, one of my cats (Wochie) lost a fang! But this is good in the long run. His breath is sweet now, meaning his gum infection has cleared up. He will be a happier kitty.

On my favorite Disney forum, I am happily planning my first trip to Disneyland! How cool is that!

I’m going to do some scrapbooking tonight with friends in Hong Kong! I love the Internet!

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