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Uber-cute photos made me smile today

First a puppy in its first snowfall from a reddit user named anhes.

First a puppy in its first snowfall taken by a reddit user named anhes and found for me by Dan.

Next we have a fabulous snow leopard cub from Wikipedia Commons.

Next we have a fabulous snow leopard cub from Wikipedia Commons found by me when trying to verify the photographer of the puppy.

And last, but never least, our own photo of Gabonna asleep on a pillow on my lap. This one's for you, Larissa!

And last, but never least, our own photo of Gabonna asleep on a pillow on my lap. This one’s for you, Larissa!

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Pain and surviving cancer, some musings

It has been about a year since my chemotherapy started, since I heard the diagnosis that there was a 50% chance that cancerous cells had escaped my tumor and were in my bloodstream and/or lymphatic system. If I knew then what I know now (hah! hindsight is wonderful) that the chemo would give me pain and numbness quite possibly for the rest of my life, would I have made the decision to go ahead with it so easily? Should I have been more aggressive when I got the early symptoms of CIPN (chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy) so that they might have slowed the treatment even more? I wish I had done more research into the specific chemo drugs before agreeing because one almost always gives CIPN although my doctor minimized that during his discussion of side effects.

Bottom line, it sucks having painful and numb hands and feet. I am building a tolerance to the ONLY drug that works on this kind of pain and NOTHING works on the numbness. Sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it.

Just ranting. Nothing to see here folks. Hugs to you, sweetie.

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Harvey has had this growth on his cheek. It was removed some years ago by his doctor–biopsy negative. The growth returned and he went back to his doctor–removed; biopsy negative. But it grew back quite fast this time and I insisted he go to a dermatologist. When they removed it, this time the biopsy is positive.

So Harvey has a spot of skin cancer. Bummer.

Fortunately, at least from what I’ve read, he should have a good outcome following some very careful surgery to ensure that all the malignant cells are removed. I sure hope so. I admit that I’m probably extra worried since that was what was supposed to happen with my oncological surgery almost a year ago.

At least with this kind of cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) there is almost no chance of invasion of the lymphatic system.

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The science of music

Here’s a great article from Smithsonian Magazine called Eight New Things We’ve Learned About Music. Another article I read recently on the NPR web site discussed research into why we like the new music that we do. Why? Because it sounds like something we already like. And thus: pop radio. Bleah.

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Blog theme

I think I need a new blog theme. Hmmmm, but I like the rotating header image. Except that every update the theme overrides my images and I have to put them back, LOL.

Updated: Oh my heck! They added a way to fix that in this update. Okay, I’m gonna play with the the theme options until I have a new look. Pardon any construction dust!

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I’m smiling again

Hey all! Still doing better and better. I just wish my numb feet and fingers would improve. Ah well…life goes on. I thought I’d get back to the original purpose of this blog, sharing things that made me smile. And the first one I’ll share is this Frazz comic. If you don’t follow Frazz, it’s full of witty observations and bits of wisdom. I like it because it’s not dumbed down like so much of the media seems to be today.

As the Daily Abyssinian lady says, click to embiggen:

Frazz for March 31, 2013

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My Cancer Journey: I’m Free, I’m Free!!!

Last week I got an important CT scan of my chest, abdomen, and pelvis. It went well, even placement of the IV, except I may never have a mocha again after drinking 2 large bottles of mocha flavored contrast.

Fast forward to my doctor visit this past Tuesday. First, Harvey and I got lost finding the office resulting in my longest walk in a while. Numbness in my feet from the peripheral neuropathy and lack of lung function from the pulmonary hypertension combine to make walking pretty darn hard for me.

When we got there (early) we found that the doctor was running late. We practically held our breaths until I was called back by Jennifer, Dr. Veljovic’s trusty nurse. Then they discovered they’d lost my CT scan results! Had to get a copy faxed from the hospital.

But finally we got the good news, there was nothing significant on the scan and my CA 125 blood test was in the normal range. Although I’ll have lots of followups in the next 5 years, the doctor called it a cure!

As a bonus, no radiation at this time. Woot!

The doctor also gave me a drug, gabapentin, which is working well on the peripheral neuropathy pain though not the tingling or the numbness. It’s quite a relief!

So, there you have it, the last big step in my journey. I’m cancer-free!!!

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