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Art Journal Caravan, Pause!

Things were getting a bit overwhelming today and then I remembered that I could do this page. I made it very quickly, not tweaking and adding a lot of stuff like I usually would. Just enjoying myself. Click to make it big, I really like how the background turned out!

Here’s what my journaling says. Be sure to catch the David reference if you’re into that.

Right now, I am paused. Sometimes when you try to stretch your wings, you need to pause. I’m trying to develop a totally new theme for a blog and that’s very technical work. I was very frustrated, so I’ve paused, taking a break in which I hope to use the creative side of my brain. Right side? I think that’s the one but since I’m paused I’m not going to google, wiki, or otherwise look it up. I’m just going to enjoy this moment, ride away from time. I enjoy that I can pause and just enjoy wiggling my toes. Naps and timeouts are just as valuable at my age as at age two, but there’s nobody to guide you when to take one.

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Caravan–Week 3: Travel

Well, I’m about to travel, to Disneyland for the first time! And San Diego for the first time! I’m sooo excited.

And here’s my art journal page for this week’s verb, Travel. I was inspired by David this time LOL. Well, sort of. By the way, I made the figure basically from scratch–put 25 more pounds on it and that’s very much what I looked like in college. I’ve traveled many paths since then. Some were covered with camel dung but they’ve all brought me where I am now. And this is, as I mentioned somewhere, a Good Place.

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Caravan: Week 2 Thrive

Just a quick post to document my process. Love this week’s focus word, Thrive. I want to do another page on my cat’s purrs and my husband’s laughter (and maybe David’s singing?) but my first thought is that when I’m really learning, I’m thriving. Need to do more! Want to! Gah! So much to do, so little time….

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Caravan: Week 1: Process

When I read that our word for our Art Journal Caravan for the first week was Process (the verb) I freaked out a little. You see, I used to *cough* design processes for The Boeing Company. This was considered to be very important and difficult work–because it involved defining the steps that people would use to do their work.

Except that all the hard parts of engineering are not addressed by repeatable processes. Plus I personally HATE to be told how to do my work–and I sure didn’t like telling others how to do it either. Sigh. There were some really low days there, most especially the “Airplane Creation Process Strategy” (ACPS). Notice that you can basically put all those words in any order and they make just as much sense, which is none. That effort gathered the “best and brightest” from all around Boeing Commercial Airplanes to delude the company into believing that they could make their hugely complex products for far less money than they currently did.

Well, okay, that wasn’t the stated goal. But it’s the result. I would say that team nearly gave me ulcers except that it DID contribute to my bleeding ulcers. They kept saying things to me like “turn off your inner critic, just believe” which is great for a project like this Caravan! It’s a lousy thing to do to your stockholders though. And I honestly believe that all of the reasons for the delays in the current 787 development can be traced back to ACPS connections.

I’m not over this yet, I feel that the team violated my integrity. My page (above) is part of the process of healing. That raven is ACPS looming. I showcase one of my favorite quotes though:

I’d look at one of my stonecutters hammering away at the rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet, at the hundred and first blow it would split in two, and I knew it was not that blow that did it, but all that had gone before.–Jacob A. Riis

Oh and I slipped my year-theme word in there too, with the quote which is the philosophy of my alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University: “My heart is in the work.”

For better or for worse…it always was, always is.

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Caravan Word: Heart

We are each choosing a word to focus our journey around. I chose “Heart” for a lot of reasons, I want to strengthen my physical heart, show more “heart” in my interactions with others, and throw my heart into my work. Besides, heart contains ART (heART).

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New year, new project

This year I’m taking a big leap and have signed up for the “Art Journal Caravan” at scrapbookgraphics. It’s going to be a journey of self-discovery and artistic freedom. I haven’t done anything so free with my art in years so I’m nervous and excited!

So far, I’ve uncrated my camel and made a page with her. Meet Windrift:

I’ve also picked a book–I’m going with a fancy binder that I can easily add pages of any kind of paper to (it has a purple cover that I plan to cover eventually).

And picked a “theme word” for the year–mine is “Heart.” I’ll blog about that when I have a page done.

Our first week’s word is “Process” which threw me right back to one of my least favorite Boeing assignments, the “Airplane Creation Process Strategy” team. If you can tell me what that title means, I will thank you. It’s a good word for me, though, because I need to process some gunk remaining from that team.

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