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A David Archuleta “goodie” — trading cards 1

Greetings! It has been, literally, years since I’ve created a David goodie for fans, but I went to his recent concerts in Idaho Falls and couldn’t go empty-handed. So I made five series of nine David Archuleta Trading Cards, for a total of 45 different cards. Each person who got them received 3 identical cards so they HAD to trade. Anyway, it worked.

This is the first of the five series. I call it the “AI Days” series. Seriously old photos!

DA Trading Cards by --b, series 1

If you click on my preview image, it will bring up the super-large printable file (give it time!). Save it to your computer to print it. I would love to hear about it if you print and collect your set of trading cards.

Remember I have four more sheets with nine cards each. Whether I make them available will depend on your interest.

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A new goodie–bookmarks with David’s tweets!


The winner in my poll was for me to make bookmarks based on some of David Archuleta’s tweets. I picked four of my all-time favorite tweets–hope they are yours as well! Click on the preview and save the .pdf file to your hard drive for printing.

The first page of the .pdf has instructions which use my Chords of Strength bookmarks as the example. They’re timeless, why not get them too!

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David Archuleta Valentine’s Day Goodie! Cupcake Toppers!

Annie from Germany and I collaborated on a super-cute Valentine’s day printable goodie for you It’s a set of cupcake toppers! Just click on the preview above to get the printable file which contains instructions for making the toppers as well as the high resolution artwork.

And thanks to Kalei for the idea! Mwah!

I’m a little disappointed with the preview–making it an animated .gif meant that the colors are all a little bit “off.” Don’t worry, they’ll all look AMAZING when printed out. Of course, when doesn’t David look amazing?

Oh, and I bet some of you will find other uses for the cute little shapes. Let me know what you do with them!

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2011 David Archuleta Desk Calendar — happy holidays goodie!

I set myself a task today and by gosh I did it! This whole calendar in just one day! Click on the preview for the printable file and enjoy!

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Cute David Archuleta Gift Tags — A gift for you!

Did you ever get done with something and say, “Man, that was harder than I thought it would be?” Well, here are the gift tags! Click on the preview to get the full sized version for printing. It’s sized for printing on either US or International paper. Thick coated paper (like real tags are made of, LOL) would be best.

Gift Tag preview, click the picture for the printable size.

Got a favorite or two? Let me know which!

Man, that was harder than I thought it would be! Who knew that was 12 scrapbook pages worth of work on one page? Okay, they didn’t take me quite 4 hours each to make, but how about 1.5 – 2? So, print lots! Stick them on gifts for all your David friends, for David, for anyone getting a CD. I could even turn some of them into ornaments if you’re interested in decorating a little tree with them.

Even better, print out a bunch and leave them with the wrapping supplies in hopes that the folks in your family takes the hint!

Have a lovely holiday season! Hope to see you at the MoTab concert, but even if I don’t, know that I hold you close in my heart during this special time of year. Peace on Earth, goodwill to men!

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The Most Awesome David Archuleta Goodie Ever!

US labels like Jive don’t typically include lyrics booklets in CDs anymore. Keeping costs down, I think. Lyric sites are many on the net, but nothing beats having the lyrics in a nice little book. Before showing the 3 complete download options (yes, I’m crazy) I want to thank Larissa for scrutinizing the lyrics that I obtained off the web. As a result, these lyrics are the closest to correct they can be from listening to the CD!

Your choices will be described and compared below. In order of complexity of making them, they are:

1. Classic lyrics booklet

2. Photo album booklet

3. Mini-posters

I hope one of these forms will work for you!

1. Classic lyrics booklet

When I first wanted to do this project, the classic lyrics booklet came to mind first–a booklet that would fit inside a CD case. But then I realized there were some disadvantages to this format. It wouldn’t use standard size paper so it would have to be cut to size. Plus the pages needed to be printed back-to-back with perfect alignment. And for the best chance of fitting in a CD case, it would need to be printed on thin coated paper. Finally, it has to be folded together and stapled. Yikes! And yet, I still want one!


If you’re up to the task, please download the classic booklet .pdf file. The pages are correctly arranged and in order so that each sheet will be printed in order from outside to inside. There will be 4 printed sheets, each with 4 pages of the booklet.

2. Photo album booklet

So how to put together a booklet in the easiest way? First make the pages fit some sort of standard paper, then find a way to bind them easily. I came up with the idea to make a small photo album for the booklet.


Download the photos .zip file to get all the pages in .jpg format (caution: this is a 55MB file). Print the pages on standard 4 x 6 inch photo paper. You can probably even have your local photo printer do this–just make sure they don’t cut off the edges to the pages. A little white around the image is better than cutting off David’s head in the Spidey picture. Finally purchase a small photo album which holds at least 26 photos. These are available in a lot of styles and places, and they cost only a few dollars.

3. Mini-posters


This was an afterthought, but it was really easy for me to do once I’d done the others, so I did, haha. It’s so simple you might want to do it! Download the posters .zip file to get the page spreads (2 facing pages for each song) in .jpg format (this is “only” a 50 MB file). The pages will be 6 x 8 inches, which means you can only fit one on a standard sized paper. They will be prettiest on photo paper. You could print a whole set and put them in a loose-leaf notebook. Not the most elegant solution but it would surely work!

In parting, here’s a sample page spread/mini-poster. If you like this goodie, please consider leaving me a comment–they mean the world to me.

Thank you for your continued support of David Archuleta!

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TOSOD Promo Cards!

I made 3 different cards to give out to promote David Archuleta’s highly anticipated album, The Other Side of Down! If you want a different web site referenced on ones you’re giving out, just let me know.

Individual cards–you can choose your own printable combination. Click ’em for the big ones!

And click this preview for a printable file with 4 images:

And click THIS link to download a zip file containing a set of everything featuring the official site link! Thanks Donna for the idea! TOSOD Promo Cards

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