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David Archuleta Prayer Quote Scrapbook Page

It has been a while since I’ve done a straight, unrelated to anything, scrapbook page with David. I loved this quote he tweeted yesterday–it is by Mahatma Ghandi and a beautiful take on the subject of prayer.

Credit to Larissa for the photo and to Julee for color suggestions (even though she didn’t know this was how I was going to use them).

Click on the preview to get one you can print at 8 in x 8 in. Matte photo paper would work best for this one.

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Organizing Digital Scrapbooking Supplies – A new tutorial!

It has been a while since I updated my digital scrapbooking information page but based on a request I’ve written up how I organize my digital scrapbooking supplies. DS102-1 Organizing Digital Scrapbooking Supplies talks about how I organize my thousands and thousands of bits and bobs, papers and alphas both using operating system folders and the database program ACDSee Photo Manager. It’s not meant to be a commercial for ACDSee, but I honestly couldn’t do it any other way that I’ve found.

Anyway, thanks to Valerie, HawaiiArchAngel for the suggestion!

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Random David Archuleta scrapbook page

So during the video chat with David the other day, Shayla asked if he’d ever pet a zebra. He hasn’t, apparently. (One stuck its head in my car once but that’s a different story. Drive through animal park.) Anyway, Shayla contacted me and asked if I’d make a scrapbook page. I thought the idea was deliciously cute and random so here it is. She asked for the text, the zebra print, the lime green, and a picture of David. It was fun combining all those things!

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Digiscrapping purchase frenzy!

My very favorite designer, Ztamfp! is celebrating 5 years of designing with a huge sale at her store at scrapbookgraphics.com. Yesterday not only did I take advantage of an astounding price on this kit:

But I went crazy with a 50% off coupon to get even way more goodies! I own sooooo many of her things, it’s not funny but the thing is I USE them. All the time. Can’t build a layout without something of hers. So these were just some products I hadn’t gotten yet.

Can’t wait to use these!

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Beach Run Scrapbook Page (my nieces)

Just created this page of my nieces running on a lovely east coast beach. Wish I could remember which one, LOL.

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My niece Emma--the hockey player!

This is Erika’s big sister! Emma is sociable and very, very pretty (you can’t tell from behind the hockey mask LOL). She also loves to skate fast and play hard. She refuses to play goalie, they don’t get to skate enough. Emma’s other hobby is piano (which she practices without being nagged!).

I love how this page came out!

Template by Megan’s Creations. Most stuff is from ztampf!’s Abstraction Nation kit, also her All Meshed Up Alpha. Title is Pamela Donnis’s Magic Marker alpha.

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My little gymnast scrapbook page

I have been smiling lately but not doing anything blog-worthy. In fact, I’ve been very relaxed in my following of David, even. And taking a break from Twitter improves the blood pressure. I love it, but I can spend FAR too much time there.

But here! Isn’t this presh? It’s the first scrapbook page I’ve done of my niece Erika from her gymnastics class photoshoot. I really like how it came out! Cutting out around a person or object using Photoshop is called “extraction” and it’s one of the hardest things to do a good job on–that one (actually, it’s two, the shadow is separate) took me well over an hour. Hair is like impossible. Sometimes it’s funny what people think is hard in Photoshop and what is actually hard. Maybe I’ll post lists sometime, haha.

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