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Let Music Fill Your Soul — new @DavidArchie scrapbook page

I got a scrapbooking newsletter yesterday and it contained a perfect page for me to scraplift (plus it gave me an excuse to buy a music-themed kit I’d wanted LOL).

This is the first David Archuleta scrapbook page I’ve done in a while. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks to @NancyFOD for helping choose the quote. If you want an 8 inch square printable version, click on the image. And if you feature the page on your own site, please link back here for the full-sized one so you don’t have to host a 2.64 MB image.


Photo by Kari Sellards

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David Archuleta Prayer Quote Scrapbook Page

It has been a while since I’ve done a straight, unrelated to anything, scrapbook page with David. I loved this quote he tweeted yesterday–it is by Mahatma Ghandi and a beautiful take on the subject of prayer.

Credit to Larissa for the photo and to Julee for color suggestions (even though she didn’t know this was how I was going to use them).

Click on the preview to get one you can print at 8 in x 8 in. Matte photo paper would work best for this one.

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David Archuleta, he is amazing!

Brian Mansfield, IdolChatter blogger, made me smile today. How can you not be proud to be a fan of David’s after reading his words about his new album or why he sang Imagine the way he did? Those interviews are just fantastic, showing just how much David is growing in confidence and self-knowledge.

In honor of my favorite quote from the Imagine interview, I made this scrapbook page. Click on the preview to get the huge one, printable at 8 inches square at 300 dpi. If you want the 12 inch square version, let me know!

Thanks to Jen Leigh Barry, Larissa Cheong, and the professional photographer at the “Children Uniting Nations” event for the photos.

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David Reads To Kids -- Scrapbook Page Goodie

Oh I’m so excited about this scrapbook page! Not only did the wonderful TOfan give me permission to use her witty poem, but reading is a cause close to my heart. And David looked so amazing in THAT HAT. I love how this page turned out! If you want to print it, please click for the huge size–8 inches square 300 dpi size. Print it on photo paper.

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Vintage-look scrapbook page featuring David Archuleta

I hope you enjoy this new scrapbook page–it’s pretty radical! I was going for an extreme vintage feel. Harvey said it looks like an old postage stamp, LOL. I should show you sometime what I went through to get the exact look I wanted–combining papers and overlays and blend modes and photo manipulation and recoloing and .. I guess I’m a Photoshop power user.

I did a smaller-than-usual scrapbook page this time, it will print out best at 6 inches square although you are welcome to try it larger and see if you like it. The photo is one of my favorites by the lovely Jen Barry. Please click the preview to get the full-sized version!

I am going to try to do a whole small book of pages this size so you can start a collection!

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New Year Goodies!

Well happy Palindrome Day: 01 02 2010! I have made something for you and I have to say, this is way outside my comfort zone. I’m not sure if I like it or not–so if you do, leave a comment LOL. But I did want to push my boundaries this year and this is one of the first things I’ve done.

I made this scrapbook page, which I call “David Dream” (mine about him? him about music? ambiguity intentional). If you want it, it’s available in either easily printable 8×8 inch or huge 12×12 inch form. That 12×12 is 3600 pixels square, that is to say, huge!

David Dream scrapbook page
Download 8×8 Download 12×12

I also scaled it down for regular and wide-screen desktop wallpapers! Click on the one which looks more like your screen to get it!

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David Archuleta's fans are...in a scrapbook

I’ve been asked about the scrapbook I gave to David at the VIP in San Francisco. Here are the pages in a slideshow (assuming this works, LOL). All of the blank areas were filled with personal notes and many of the margins were as well. I hope it’s something David will keep because a lot of love went into it!

Wow, I just found you can click any page and be taken to my photobucket at that page. Click again on the image there and see how BIG these things had to be to be printed out nicely.

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