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Desktops! Get ’em here! Be Creative!

Just about every month for the past five years, I’ve made my husband a desktop wallpaper that he can use to have a sweet background at work. This month I used a positively adorable kit by Misty Cato and Shawna Clingerman named Love Me. The pics for OUR desktops are some of our awesome nieces and a nephew. But for you…

I made one you can put your own pictures in! Very easy, basic graphics stuff!

Or if that doesn’t work for you, I did make one with that Archuleta guy too.

Click ’em to get ’em. Other sizes by request. Just give me your screen size in pixels. Hint: Inches are not pixels.

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David Archuleta Prayer Quote Desktop Backgrounds

So many people liked my scrapbook page that I’m just delighted! I love getting your feedback.

Sheila and Trudy asked me for desktop backgrounds from it–so I made one, and then two more for different sized computers. Pick the one that looks most like the shape of your screen. Just right click and save.

1024 × 768 pixels (small, not widescreen)

1200 × 800 pixels (medium, widescreen)

1920 × 1200 pixels (large, widescreen)

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David Archuleta twitter background

I thought I’d make one more “old twitter” background before twitter makes me switch over and I lose all the screen space for lovely pictures.

Credit on this photo to Christine, found on FOD.

You’re welcome to it if you like it! Just save it to your computer.

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Pensive David Archuleta desktop wallpapers

Found this photo in Popeater’s Day in the Life package for David. Needed it on my desktop. Pick wide or regular screen to most closely fit your computer. Note: photo is actually larger on widescreen version, not narrow.

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Celebrate TOSOD — Desktop Background 2

I’m continuing to wait eagerly for TOSOD–my fan edition is somewhere in transit, partying it up on a truck with others destined for the US West Coast. The great pictures here were taken by Cathy__Kay at David’s performance at the New Albany Classic! Choose regular or widescreen. Images are full size–click to see the size!

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Celebrate TOSOD with a desktop background!

I’m planning a few of these–so if you want a special size or color combo, let me know! Choose regular or widescreen. Images are full size–click to see the size!

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David Archuleta “Something ‘Bout Love” Twitter Background Goodie

I made another goodie using my name-removed single cover–it’s a twitter background that I did for Michelle of DavidBeyondBorders. She says I can share it with you! Just click to make it big and save then upload to Twitter. It looks best when tiled.

Oh and while I have your attention, this tweet from David, which is one of the quotes he chose for “Chords of Strength” always makes me smile:

Why? Because I sail and it seems soooooo simplistic. Yes, true, you cannot control the wind. But sometimes to get to your destination you have to adjust your sails about a million times: tack, tack, tack, tack . . . tack, tack, tack. (A tack is a turn made while heading into the wind. Well, as close as “into the wind” as you can get.) And then the wind dies or it changes and — hey, maybe this is a great quote for perseverance after all! It’s just that destination-driving sailing isn’t too much fun.

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