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A second holiday gift – #DA2014 printable calendar

Happy holidays!

While I totally recommend you get a copy of the AMAZING #DA2014 Planner–all 134 pages with over 60 images of David–I realize not everyone can afford it.

So I’ve also created this #DA2014 Printable Calendar. Just click the preview image, save it to your hard drive and wait while your connection gets you huge, printable .jpg pages for each month of 2014. These will print beautifully on letter-sized or A4 paper.

Click this image to download all 12 pages of the calendar!

Click this image to download all 12 pages of the calendar!

Why get the planner when you can have this for free? A better keepsake, more pictures of David, each month really highlights David’s lyrics, lots and lots of room to write, plus (my personal favorite) convenience.

May the year 2014 bring you joy and peace! With hugs from @MissBianca.

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Treat yourself to an AMAZING gift

Presenting the DA2014 Planner by MissBianca a beautiful 6 by 9 inch, 134 page planning calendar created by me for special fans of David Archuleta. I made it on Blurb.com which is an easy-ish way to format and print your own books. Each week features a small photo of David, and each month has a large blend featuring him. There are over 60 photos in all. If you follow the link, you see a preview of only a portion of the book.

I admit, the planner is expensive. It is being sold at no markup, but I recommend the hardcover version and that’s going to amount to (gulp) around $50 including tax and shipping within the US. Check it out here, #DA2014 Planner and I hope you will find it a must-have item this holiday season!

Here are a few of the month pictures, so you can see them larger.

January - The Other Side of Down

January – The Other Side of Down

May - Broken

May – Broken

October - Who I Am

October – Who I Am

Many thanks to @pastelpastel for her help on this project. And as ever, my enormous gratitude to the many photographers who have taken such wonderful photos of David.

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New David Archuleta Calendar! No assembly required!

Like it? Want one? Click on the preview and you can order one from Shutterfly! When you look at it on their site, be sure to preview some of the calendar pages themselves–scroll down to see the little pics too!

Oh, and it’s even on sale, for a little while! So if you were thinking you wanted the cheap one, NOW is the time to order. Or the next sale. Or ask nice and I’ll make the other version just for you.

Note that this is at no profit to myself or the photographers. In fact, I’d like you to join me in thanking all the photographers who generously allowed me to use their photos in this project: Larissa Cheong (Larissa_SG), KimmieDavid, Lily Ikemoto (PlatinumArchie), PaulaFOD for her husband Mickey Moseley, Calynn4Archie, Heidi (Walls), Cathy_Kay, Janel Woodbury, Jennifer Barry (JenLeighBarry), Joanie (Sutty), and JulesEnoch!

Oh, and yeah. It says it’s by “Catherine R.” Yeah, my birth certificate doesn’t say “Bianca” but that’s WHO I AM…

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2011 David Archuleta Desk Calendar — happy holidays goodie!

I set myself a task today and by gosh I did it! This whole calendar in just one day! Click on the preview for the printable file and enjoy!

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October David Archuleta Calendar Goodie

With a photo I worked a LONG time on. I think it would have taken less time to just draw the cape on by hand…anyway–I hope you like it! Cutest vampire ever IMO.

Click on the preview for the full-sized printable calendar!

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September David Archuleta Calendar Goodie!

September is Hispanic Heritage Month–perhaps those of us without any Hispanic Heritage can celebrate that side of David’s family. One thing made me sad as I made this calendar–it *almost* had the album release date on it. Oh well…look for that next month! Woot!

For this calendar, I tried to represent the color of the changing seasons in the Northern Hemisphere with the paper that goes from green to brown as the month ends. Maybe?

Click on my preview for the big printable version. If you post it on your site, make sure to get the big one!

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August David Archuleta Calendar Goodie!

I think I’m obsessed with that Something ‘Bout Love picture. Seriously, we need more photos from that photoshoot! Anyway, August has an SBL theme–we can do lots of requesting (and dancing) while we’re waiting for the album to come out. I can’t wait!

By the way, this calendar is made from a scrapbook kit called “Pay It Forward” by one of my very favorite designers, Eva Kipler. Isn’t that a lovely thought! I know my David-inspired kindnesses come back to me many times over 🙂

Click to get the huge printable one!! Please share on your own blogs and whatnot 😀

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