April 2014
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Beyond a smile Tuesday–two delightful videos!

These videos are just what YouTube was invented to share! And not even any kitties!

First up, such a cute widdle guy, who could certainly get his Mom and her herd to completely trample the folks giggling behind the camera.

And to top even that, I dare you to watch this without laughing! And grinning. And remembering your own grandmothers or mother.

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Meerkats (and a photographer) made me smile today

My favorite site, Cute Overload, featured this video today. I thought the screencaps they had were photoshopped but no!

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Nothing cuter

There is nothing cuter than an Abyssinian kitten. From The Daily Abyssinian, one of my all-time favorite blogs:


I rest my case.

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Share the love on Valentine’s Day


I love celebrating love! On Valentine’s Day, my sweetie and I are going to a restaurant we’ve wanted to try. He’s MKOP.

For my David fan friends, I’ve created Valentines that I hope you will want to share. There are four Valentines meant to send showing your appreciation for the bonds formed through being David’s fans. I’m going to send these to a few people that I’m SO glad to have met through David, and I hope you would like to do the same. The images can be sent through Twitter, email, blog links, whatever. Here’s a link to a zip file containing both large (printable) and small versions of each card.


Now, go make someone’s day! If there are any technical questions, I’m always happy to help.

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This is MY kitten Purr-Ki


I haven’t updated my blog in a few days. Not coincidentally, I’ve had my new kitten for about the same time.

This is Purr-Ki. It took a while to find the same name, but Purr-Ki is a variant of Per-Ki (yes, pronounced Perky) which stands for Perfect Kitten. Which he is. He is [...]

Walrus fitness program is exactly what Smileblog is all about!

I dare you not to grin like a maniac while watching this!

I have to say, I knew walruses are the largest members of the seal family, but I never thought about how smart that meant they had to be. Learn and smile, that’s what it’s all about!


‘Nuff said.