September 2014
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Lowly Worm made me smile today

richard-scarry_wide-ef1bad6c2dedf01c49ad2892361c05ffcf72ad2c-s18-c85 Ah Lowly Worm! I was a little too old to actually learn to read from the delightful books by Richard Scarry, but I still had a great time finding Lowly Worm on each page.

I remember going through “Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever” with my then two-year old niece Arielle. On one page I pointed to a picture of a fireplace and said, “Fireplace,” and she pointed to the fireplace in the room (even though it looked very little like the illustration) and gleefully pronounced, “Fireplace! Fireplace!”

Richard Scarry was a great writer and illustrator. So glad to hear his son is adding to his legacy.

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This is just what you’ve needed if you’ve needed what I’ve needed

There. Don’t you feel better?

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Disney has that effect on me, too

The safety and freedom to be a kid again. Yeah.

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Those ears!

The baby bear here made me smile today. I’d like to go swimming, too, but maybe not with Mom there.

Photo by Marco Mattiussi.

Photo by Marco Mattiussi.

Found on Cute Overload and they got it from Bored Panda. So I guess it made them smile too.

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Why I don’t post more pics of my Abys

This is sooooo true!

Beyond a smile Tuesday–two delightful videos!

These videos are just what YouTube was invented to share! And not even any kitties!

First up, such a cute widdle guy, who could certainly get his Mom and her herd to completely trample the folks giggling behind the camera.

And to top even that, I dare you to watch this without [...]