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Beta Nu 2018 Reunion Proposal

I’m going to Walt Disney World for my birthday in October. My trip’s set for 10/3 to 10/10. I think it would be the most fun thing ever if a group of Beta Nus joined me for a couple of those nights. Here’s an example of what we could do:

Our adventure begins when you check in to your selected resort. I suggest WDW Swan and Dolphin for a good combination of price and convenience. These are Starwood Resorts in the middle of the action, with discounts for teachers and nurses. Next door, the more expensive Disney’s Yacht Club Resort has beautiful theming and the kind of atmosphere only Disney can create. If your budget doesn’t allow one of these special resorts, the Best Western Lake Buena Vista might be your choice. It’s close to Disney’s new shops and dining locations at Disney Springs.

After checking in, meet up with your sisters in the Dolphin’s lobby bar for snacks and beverages. Or hang out at Kimono in the Swan and relive Greek Sing fun with their karaoke. Or for a maximally silly time, meet at the tropical Trader Sam’s at Disney’s Polynesian (a Minnie van ride away).

The next morning, our party will have to split up into Disney and “No Disney, Thanks” groups.

Those with theme park tickets will visit Epcot, just a 10 minute walk away (well, unless you’re at the Best Western). We’ll grab breakfast at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie in “France.” Then we’ll walk over to the Future World side of Epcot and do some rides, “Soarin'” for sure and then others as they strike your fancy, from a greenhouse boat tour to a realistic simulation of going into space. After our rides, we’ll make our way back to the World Showcase for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival with its reasonably priced small plates and lots of choices for food, wine, and cocktails. The link is to the 2017 festival, but 2018 will be at least as fun.

If you don’t wish to visit a Disney park, you can have breakfast at your hotel, go swimming, walk around the Boardwalk, miniature golf, bus to Disney Springs for shopping, sit, talk, jump on the beds, etc.

For our evening Beta Nus Together event, we could take a bus to dine Southern style at the highly praised Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ at Disney Springs and chat until we shut it down or wear ourselves out before heading back to our hotels.

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A David Archuleta “goodie” — trading cards 1

Greetings! It has been, literally, years since I’ve created a David goodie for fans, but I went to his recent concerts in Idaho Falls and couldn’t go empty-handed. So I made five series of nine David Archuleta Trading Cards, for a total of 45 different cards. Each person who got them received 3 identical cards so they HAD to trade. Anyway, it worked.

This is the first of the five series. I call it the “AI Days” series. Seriously old photos!

DA Trading Cards by --b, series 1

If you click on my preview image, it will bring up the super-large printable file (give it time!). Save it to your computer to print it. I would love to hear about it if you print and collect your set of trading cards.

Remember I have four more sheets with nine cards each. Whether I make them available will depend on your interest.

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My friends made me smile today

I have been sick. Very sick. ICU sick. Took me 13 days to escape from the hospital but I’m home now and working on getting stronger.

I really needed the GroupCard I got today from my David buddies.


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Still smiling from Date Night double feature

Harvey and I had an awesome “Date Night” last night. We’d gotten out of the habit of our Saturday night dates but I hope this marks a return to them. It’s wonderful how smiley I still feel today after watching this animated double feature:

The Lego Movie -- Really Is Awesome!

The Lego Movie — Everything Is Awesome!

How To Train Your Dragon -- A Great Movie!

How To Train Your Dragon — A Great Movie!

I love animated movies and these are two of the best ever that didn’t come out of Disney. It was so much fun comparing the animation styles. “The Lego Movie” world is, of course, made out of Lego but it was amazing how expressive each character was. The way the animators used Lego blocks to represent water, fire, and clouds was really clever. The stiff units were built into flowing, rapidly changing shapes. It all just worked although there was always a piece of my mind thinking about how the movie was animated. But then, that was part of a cheeky tone of the whole film.

The beautifully rendered world of “How To Train Your Dragon” really drew me in. At one point I remember wondering why it was animated–it was so real and the plot was SO good. But then I thought “Because, dragons!” and was swept along. Who knew dragons would be so cat-like? This was my second viewing of this movie and it was at least as enjoyable as the first; I loved seeing it with the Harv. This is just an all-round excellent movie and I am excited that the sequel is out!

If you’ve missed either one of these great films, fix that situation! Yep, I’m still smiling.

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Lowly Worm made me smile today

Ah Lowly Worm! I was a little too old to actually learn to read from the delightful books by Richard Scarry, but I still had a great time finding Lowly Worm on each page.

I remember going through “Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever” with my then two-year old niece Arielle. On one […]

This is just what you’ve needed if you’ve needed what I’ve needed

There. Don’t you feel better?

Disney has that effect on me, too

The safety and freedom to be a kid again. Yeah.